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1-Click Deploy to Digital Ocean

If you don't want to deploy Mere Medical to your own local server or machine, you can easily deploy Mere Medical to Digital Ocean App Platform with one click! Just click the button below and follow the steps to deploy Mere Medical for $5 a month. The button below is a referral link that comes with $200 worth of credit for the first two months.

Deploy to DO

Note that by default, DO App platform pre-selects their $12 droplet. You can downgrade to the $5 droplet by clicking Edit Plan during setup.

To set up Patient Portal integrations, you'll need to provide the values for the environmental variables <Patient Portal Name>_CLIENT_ID. See other specific patient portal registration instructions for more details.

After deploying, you'll also need to set up a redirect uri back to your app in the OnPatient portal. Note that you'll need to deploy the app to digital ocean first in order to get your redirect uri, which should look something like https://mere-medical-<random_string>

Go to this guide to see how to get those values and learn more. If you don't need OnPatient integration, feel free to leave those variables blank.