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What is Mere Medical?


Mere Medical is pre-release software and is currently under active development. Updates may break backwards compatibility.


This project is supported by a single developer who is also a full-time medical student and soon to be medical resident. If you would like to support this project, please consider sponsoring or contributing to this project.

How long would it take you to collect all of your medical records from every doctor or hospital you've been to? For most people, it would take a long time. You'd need to log in to various patient portals, find paper copies of older records that still need to be digitized, and collect immunization records. Maybe you also have some medical imaging stored on CDs or USB drives. It's surprisingly hard to get all your records digitalized and in one place without a lot of manual curation.

Many hospitals have online patient portals, which is a helpful first step in making your records easy to access. Still, different health systems have different portals - each with different logins. Some private companies promise to make this task easier by collecting and managing your medical records across health systems for you - but can you trust them with your private health data?

Mere Medical is a self-hosted web application that allows users to collect and manage all their medical records in one place. It aims to make the process of getting all your records digitalized and organized easier, without the need for manual curation. Mere Medical is built on open standards like HL7 FHIR, and is free, open source, and self-hostable. It also supports offline access with plans to support multi-device syncing. Because Mere is still in the early stages of development, it currently requires technical knowledge to get up and running on your computer. We do offer a 1-click deployment to digital ocean for those who prefer that option. You can also check out our live demo to see what Mere Medical looks like.